Buro BRAND’s mission is to help companies, teams and employees by making work more fun and meaningful. We see working visually as an extremely powerful tool to achieve this. With our books we want to support companies, teams and employees in all their phases of visual working and thinking.

Visual thinking

Empowering People & Organizations Through Visual Collaboration

Visual Thinking and Drawing is increasingly being used within companies as a supplement to all “talking” and “writing”. Visualizing ideas and thoughts can help you make complex problems simple and reconnect with each other.
This book teaches you simple and fast visual skills with which you will experience the power and special quality of visual communication at work (and at home!). Get your copy here!

Visual doing

Empowering People & Organizations Through Visual Collaboration

As a follow-up to Visual Thinking, Visual Doing provides insight how you can start working visually at work as an individual, team and as a company. How can you involve your colleagues in practical and visual terms in a simple way, make decisions, continue on a chosen path and ultimately achieve your goal? This book gives you tips, handles and a bunch of work forms and cases.

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Visual Thinking Workbook

The Visual Thinking Workbook for interactions and emotions helps you get started with drawing in a practical way. By practicing, you gain confidence in what the Visual Thinking book shows you. Get started with the assignments, gain trust and be surprised how fast and impactful drawing can be. The workbook is full of challenging exercises and challenges you both brain-technical and drawing-technical!

Visual Doing Workbook

Have you finished the Visual Thinking Workbook and are you hungry for more challenges and practices for both your brain and your visual techniques? Then the Visual Doing Workbook is your answer. You practice creating activating layouts and stimulating presentations. It helps you to design visual work forms to make a meeting more involved, more decisive and more focused.

About the author

Willemien Brand is the founder of Buro BRAND and the lead author of our books. During her career as a designer it became increasingly clear to Willemien that drawing and Visual Thinking are powerful tools to make complex problems simple, to engage people, to make people enthusiastic and to build bridges between companies and their customers. It is second nature to her that she applies in both the design Studio and within our Academy and Business branch.