This October it was finally time for our Visual Thinking Event!

You know it, we know it: Visual thinking is an amazing and effective tool at work. It cuts to the chase, involves partners and colleagues, brings in creativity and many, many more things. But as soon as you start working and thinking visually you’ll notice that the possibilities are nearly endless. You untangle one piece and before you know it you’re launched into a galaxy of choices and opportunities. And this is where we come in!

From the 4th till October 15th we hosted our first virtual Buro BRAND’s Visual Thinking Event to help everyone around the world, who’s trying to figure out what they can and want to do with Visual Thinking. For two whole weeks participants joined our daily virtual workshops. A team of international experts and team members guided them through the different uses of Visual Thinking and let them explore the visual thinking universe. The big question was; which of the 5 Visual Thinking types suits you?

A summary of the workshops!

In total we hosted 10 workshops with different Visual Thinking experts. Willemien, our Founder and best selling author of the Visual Thinking books, set the tone by kicking off with a Visual Thinking 101 workshop and also taught us how to make quick visual notes. Mahana, our visual facilitator introduced everyone to the world of Visual Thinking Types. Hugo, cartoonist by heart, played with our heartstrings when singing a song about the ‘Praatplaat‘ and afterwards taught everyone how to make one in just ONE hour.

Hugo also led a panel discussion with speakers from KLM, ING, KPN, Empowering People and the Municipality of Lelystad to share their experiences and thoughts on Visual Thinking, talking about how they successfully implemented it in large organizations.

Michiel, our senior illustrator and animation expert led us step by step through the proces of creating one’s own storyboard. Georgette, our visual strategist finished off the first week with fun virtual exercises to spice up one’s meeting.

The second week was marked by our international team. Paddy & Grant, Buro BRAND ambassadors in the UK, USA and Canada, took us along in a story about visual thinking for Product Owners and Andrei, our Buro BRAND partner for Eastern Europe, explained the participants how to use Visual Storytelling when understanding and presenting data.

We finished with a fun visual bang with the help of Hester, creative catterpiller (creatieve duizendpoot), and Willemien!

Want to start with Visual Thinking right away?!

Excited? Don’t want to wait till the next (virtual) Visual Thinking Event? Or do you want to follow a training in your own pace? Check out our Online Academy! In our Online Academy via the platform Teachable we have online modules which you can watch and follow in your own time. We add new online trainings regurarly!

A visual thinking framework: Buro BRAND’s Five Visual Thinking Types

In all the years that we’ve taught others about Visual Thinking, we still noticed that there is a desire to learn more about possible ways to implement and apply Visual Thinking at work. Every job description, team or organisation needs a different approach. During the international Buro BRAND Visual Thinking Event we provided participants with a map of the entire visual thinking universe. All possible destinations, side-tracks and different routes. In a range of short introductory masterclasses we introduced the different aspects of Visual Thinking.

The past year Buro BRAND worked on creating a framework to guide people into discovering the world of Visual Thinking. We named this framework the Buro BRAND’s Five Visual Thinking Types. Five Types for which we also created a specific training path to achieve the skills linked to the goals of this specific type.

During the Visual Thinking Event our participants all got a little taste of the 5 types we presented. Are you a Visual Co-Creator, who loves to spark creativity in teams? Or are you more of an Analyst, connecting the dots and simplifying complex information?

Find out for yourself and take the test by downloading our free Whitepaper here!

Five Visual Thinking Types Buro BRAND

Want to start/continue your Visual Thinking journey?

Sad that you’ve missed it or interested in more? Check our available trainings, virtual/live, Dutch/English. We update our trainings regularly and have open trainings to enroll in via our Academy calendar.

Buro BRAND’s Visual Thinking Event took place virtually and at thé place of working visually, BRAND36.

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    See you at our next Buro BRAND Visual Thinking Event!

    Door Mahana Tuimaka