Getting an animation made: that’s how you bring your story to people’s attention right away.

Your organization has something to tell. About a new product, a way of working, a procedure. Sometimes you tell this story to colleagues. Maybe even to a larger audience. But how convenient it would be to bring this to the attention of a large group of people all at once.
That you can be sure everyone gets to hear the same story.
And then also in an approachable, smooth way.
You can do that, with an Animation!

De animaties maken het verhaal rond en zijn ideaal voor intern gebruik op bijvoorbeeld intranet en voor nieuwe medewerkers. Extern zetten we ze in op onze website, in de salesgesprekken en op bijvoorbeeld LinkedIn.

Saila Kiriwenno Suez Prezero

What is an animatie?

An animation is a short film in which a story is told in drawn images.

That’s a very broad definition (and the Disney movie Moana, for example, also falls under it) that includes all kinds of things. The animations we make we call Aimed Animation. This so-called aimed animation:

  • Has a specific purpose (is ‘aimed’, focused).
  • Is for a specific target group.
  • Has a style that fits your company and message.
  • Has an ideal duration of 90 seconds.
  • Almost always uses voiceover.

“An Aimed Animation is a short animation with a specific purpose.”

This is the kind of animation that Buro BRAND specializes in. Because of our experience with visualization and visual facilitation, we can not only create a beautiful animation, but also perfectly help structure your story.

In doing so, we always look for an animation style that fits your specific message and, of course, your company.

The advantages of an animation

1. It gets you to the point.

Animatie Buro BRAND

While creating an animation with Buro BRAND, we ask you for the most important points in your story. That often means making choices: What should be included? What doesn’t fit? What is the essence of your story? This process is the most difficult, but also perhaps the most valuable. This is where we guide you in sharpening your message, your target audience, your story. We do this according to our patented method (see below).

2. An animation is approachable.

Animatie Buro BRAND is laagdrempelig

A short video telling the core of your story is very accessible. It requires a minimal investment of time from your audience. People don’t have to read text or struggle through a powerpoint. The viewer can spend a minute enjoying the pleasant visuals while the voiceover guides them through the story.

3. An animation is multi-purpose.

Multi inzetbare animatie Buro BRAND

Of course, once you have an Aimed Animation, it’s super easy to spread the word about it through different channels. By putting the clip on your website, your YouTube channel and your intranet. But also (fragments) on social media. Or showing the video during a presentation. Each time knowing that you are showing the same well thought-out message. The possibilities are endless!

4. It is easy to share.

Animatie Buro BRAND

As an introduction to a client conversation. To inform a colleague or group of colleagues. The animation is easy to grasp due to its short, clear and concrete message. And the animation is consistent every time. The animation is a super communication tool to draw attention to (a piece of) a new policy, product or desired behavior. Through all your devices, the animation is easy to share and show.

5. An animation creates pride!

Animatie Buro BRAND

Creating an animation is a process of getting the essence of your story razor sharp. This is sometimes hard work, but the payoff is enormous. Afterwards, you not only have your own story in better order, you also have a tangible end product. That is something you can show to others. And something you can be proud of.

Need an animation produced?

From spark, to flame, to FIRE (‘BRAND’ in Dutch)!

You have just read about the advantages of an animation.
Then we think it would be good to tell you something about how it is created. If you have an animation made by Buro BRAND, we will explain what we need or expect from you and guide you through a partly co-creative and partly executive process. The goal is that you, or you and your relevant colleagues, get your story clear and visualized.

What we can do best is help and guide you in this process. Our communications background and years of experience as business illustrators and visual facilitators have ensured that we know when to ask the right questions and how to quickly guide you through the process.

To do this, we follow our patented Buro BRAND method to ignite your animation.

The Spark

This is it, the beginning of our adventure, here we hit the bricks of you and our creativity against each other in search of that spark.

A creative intake according to our proven system. Here we get the goal in focus, share ideas and use drawings to create the storyboard.

The Flame

Slowly, a spark grows into a tiny flame, which, with enough oxygen, the right temperature and fuel, grows faster and faster.

With all the input from the spark phase, we get to work. We elaborate created sketches, merge ideas and come up with a style and voice-over.


The flames of your Animation are raging. Ready to rage in the minds of your target audience. Like a real FIRE.

At this stage, things really start to move. This is where everything comes together to create an Aimed Animation with which you can conquer the world.

During all these phases there is room for feedback, additions and suggestions, which we channel in the BRAND way for optimal efficiency.

Details: An average animation project with us has a lead time of six weeks. This can certainly be faster. You agree on the desired moment of delivery at the start with the help of a schedule.

Examples of an animation

Animation is a widely used communication tool and helps deliver your message, unambiguously, clearly and entertainingly. Your target audience loves it and if the animation is good, they absorb the whole message.

Then read this extended case study from AstraZeneca, they had a complicated issue where creating an animation helped them tremendously. And also check out this enlightening animation by K.A. van Daalen.

What people say about our animations

You were able to read about the added value of an animation, how it is created and see some cool examples of it. An animation is a great tool that can help your company further in realizing your plans.
Read below the reactions of our customers who preceded you:

Perfecte afstemming over de vraagstelling en mooi hoe de professionals van Buro BRAND worden ingezet.

Koen Perik Costreport.nl

De animaties maken het verhaal rond en zijn ideaal voor intern gebruik op bijvoorbeeld intranet en voor nieuwe medewerkers. Extern zetten we ze in op onze website, in de salesgesprekken en op bijvoorbeeld LinkedIn.

Saila Kiriwenno Suez Prezero

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Let’s put the world on FIRE!

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