You’ve finished your story. Perhaps in the shap of an annual report or a strategic vision (or perhaps something entirely different). And now you want to tell that story. To your department, the management team, the rest of the organisation or a different target group.

You notice text alone is not enough.

If only there was a way to tell your story and all the different layers of informations and aspects in one overview. So you can make everything clear in one go.

Well, that’s possible! With an infographic!

What is an infographic? Why do you keep hearing about it? Why do organisations use this form of communication more often? Why does every organisation present their strategy, vision or mission in a visual way? Managing boards, teams, project leaders (and others) make use of visual representations of their story. The infographic is the most often used form. And this can happen in the way that you find best, to reach your target group and to give your message impact.

We love to explain everything on this elaborate Infographic page. We will tell you what an infographic is, what its benefits are, how we make it and we love to show you a couple of examples/

So join us and step into the wondrous world of the Infographic.

What actually is an Infographic?

An Infographic is a large visual where multiple layers of information come together to form one cohesive overview image. Some Infographics are content-focused and contain a lot of data, which can work well for a specific target group. But very often the larger purpose is “making the message clear at the first glance”. An infographic often benefits from simplicity. To reach that simplicity we use our own Buro BRAND – proces.

“An Infographic is a larg visual where multiple layers of information come together to form one cohesive overview image.”

Most Infographics consist of a handdrawn, looser style, but it is also possible to make an Infographic with a sleek style with icons. The most important thing is that an Infographic is meant to be presented in combination with a story. This can be in the form of a presentation, an informal conversation, a videomeeting, or an e-mail.

The Dutch word for Infographic is perfect for this. A ‘Praatplaat’, a ‘plaat’ (an image) which you can use to ‘praat’ (talk) about your keymessage.

The benefits of an Infographic

Buro BRAND makes Infographic for over fifteen years for a large diversity of organisations, companies and parties. This is why we have a lot of experience (and let’s be honest, have made mistakes aswell). But that’s why, by now, we can say we’re Infographic experts. Time and time again we see the how our infographics as a communicative means helps our clients:

1. An Infographic helps sharpen your story

You could even stop making the final Infographic here and already go home with a bunch of valuable notes on your product, service or story (but we prefer to also make the Infographic itself).

2. An Infographic creates better contact between colleagues and stakeholders

An Infographic is almost never made alone. Most of the time you need input from colleagues, partners or other stakeholders. This is where you formulate a joint message together. Sometimes you define it yourself, but we rather help you with it in the form of a creative intake-session. In our experience, this leads to better understanding of the message and contact.

3. An Infographic helps you see connections and patterns

Because we make a visual, we literally visualize that which is stuck in (abstract) texts and thoughts. This is often the moment everything starts making sense and fuzziness dissappears. This is where the struggling stops and the fun begins. The insights which arise from this part often transcends the individual Infographic.

4. An Infographic creates more impact in your conversations (in less time)

When you finally have the Infograhpic in your pocket (or underneath your arm), you will notice that it is far easier now to tell a clear story. During a formal pitch, a presentation, a weekly meeting or even during the Friday afternoon drinks. You’ve made this story your own, and now it’s embedded in your system.

5. An Infographic helps your target group to understand your story…

Our brain is made to proces visual information. And that can go quick as lightning. With a visual version of your story, everyone understands the connections, summaries and conclusions a lot better.

6. …and remember it!

Not only do we proces visual information quicker, we also save it better. By going through your Infographic with people, you create a bunch of visual memories which a far easier to recollect than textual memories. This is of course helpful when you want your message to stay top-of-mind, or when your really want to embed the key values of your company in the whole organisation.

7. An Infographic gives you a tangible end result 

Let’s be honest, having a physical product is undeniably awesome! In a time where we mainly produce digital documents which tend to be forgotten and float away in the cloud, before we even finished it, we can’t stress the importance of physical creations enough!

8. An Infographic sets permanent change in motion

By choosing what the key message is of your story, and linking it to a visual(language) your open up a source. A source of ideas and inspiration which you tap into with each step you take towards your goal. Untill this source turns into a river. A river with all the possibilities of changing into a strong current going in the direction you desire.

How we work together

From a spark, to a flame, to a fire (BRAND)! 

You just read the benefits of an Infographic.

Making an Infographic is quite simple: make an appointment for an intake and let yourself be guided by the creative proces of Buro BRAND. No one else than you yourself can sharpen and clarify your own story.

Getting down a strong design is only possible through teamwork. No one can explain your key values better than you yourself. We are there to translate it into Graphic Design. Or years of expertise as illustrators and visual facilitators resulted in knowing how to ask the right questions and how to guide people through this process.

For this, we have our patented BRAND-method to translate your message into design.

De Vonk

This is it, the beginning of our adventure, this is were we hit our rocks and creativity together, in the search for that spark.   

This is where we hold our creative intake, and focus on the goal and scope, and this is where we share ideas and make a lot of sketches.

De Vlam

Slowly the spark grows into a small flame, that with enough oxygen, the right temperature and fuel grows faster and faster.

With all input from the spark-phase we work on the sketches, combine ideas and make a first blueprint of your Infographic.


The flames of your Graphic Design are burning! Ready to ignite the hearts and minds of your target group. Like a real fire (BRAND). 

In this phase we turn on our design skills, we turn the blueprint into a slick and final design. We put the dots on the i’s and finish your work.

Tijdens al deze fases is er ruimte voor feedback, aanvullingen en suggesties die we op de BRAND During all these phases there is room for feedback, additions and suggestions that we in our our BRAND way guide for the optimal efficiency.

Details: An Infographic can be ready within two weeks. During the intake we will discuss the desired completion date.

Many organisations have come before

Of course it may feel like a bit of an unusual step: turning your annual plan or strategy into a large visual. Perhaps you’re a bit nervous about it. Or perhaps wondering if people will take it seriously. Or perhaps you’re just wondering what it will look like.

Then take some time to read this elaborate case of [case infographic], they had a complicated case where making an Infographic helped immensely.

Do you want an Infographic?

Do you have a story that you want to tell in an effective way?
Do you want to create permanent change?
Are you looking for more effective contact with your colleagues and stakeholers?

Let’s make an Infographic together which precisely fits your desires.
Let’s set the world on fire (BRAND)!

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