Setting change in motion through visual sessions. How do we, as an organization, create a strategy which everyone understands? How can we visualize coming change together? How can I create support for our plans our vision?

The world, in which organizations work, is rapidly changing. To keep up, companies, organizations and teams have to move along quickly and adjust. This is why we need new methods and skills. Buro BRAND does this through Visual Thinking and makes you courageous with your creativity. We help to create a lasting impact.

Did you know that you can better communicate and work together when applying Visual Thinking? That you discover more and can better make use of peoples expertise through Visual Thinking? And that at the same time, you receive a new boost of energy and skills?

In a visual session with Buro BRAND we’ll reach (or recalibrate) your strategy and tackle cultural challenges, innovative project and other complex organisational topics, together. During our visual sessions you will experience the power of Visual Thinking, and will get more our of yourself, colleagues, clients and partners.

What is a visual session?

A visual session is a meeting with a customized programma made by us, discussed with you. We make use of short assignments and visual working methods where everyone has the room to give their input.

The benefits of a visual session

Do you want to create your strategy or recalibrate it? Tackle cultural challenges or innovative projects and topics? Each desire for change is unique. That’s why we make and facilitate programmes that encourage action. Our solutions are all customized, but they always have something in common:

1.Visual thinking

Thinking and working visually quickly leads to better results. And it’s in our blood, that’s why we always use the power of visuals and drawing.


When you want to do something together, you have to make something together. Working visually gives everyone the opportunity to participate.

3. Encouraging interaction

Our working methods encourage everyone to partcipate actively. There’s no room for slouching in a corner.

4. Critical intake

We’re always looking for the question behind the question. Making the program fit is a matter of looking where the paintpoints are.

5.Energetic inspiring workshops

When activiting the visual half of your brain, you release unprecedented energy. We stimulate creativity and inspire through the energy of Visual Thinking.

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How does a visual session work?

Together with you, we design the programme of the visual session. What is the best possible outcome? What do you want have take away from this session? What kind of assignments get the most out of our team?

We start our sessions relaxed but creative, by learning some visual skills. After this we start working on some visual assignment, individually ánd together. This creates an open atmosphere, participants experience less hurdles and it enhances mutual understanding. In combination with the Design Thinking process and facilitating techniques, we clarify the context and case and create a supported plan.

When you’re curious to know about sessions like these, read up on this case about Astra Zeneca.

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