Communicate effectively with images.

Do you have regular meetings with your team or your client? In scrum sessions or in an Agile environment? And do you want to communicate the core of your story more clearly? Or do you want to make information more interesting and appealing? Use self-drawn visuals from now on! We teach you how to do that in the Business Drawing training.

People like pictures. This allows them to interpret messages better, process information faster and the information stays with you even better. That is the power of Business Drawing!

You will be amazed at the result. Really anyone can draw!

This training forms the basis of your visual education. Regardless of your talent, experience or position within your organization.

What do you develop during this training?

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Shaping things from daily practice thanks to simple tips and examples;

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Shaping ideas by drawing;

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Using your own visuals in business communication;

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Developing skills, daring and the necessary guts to convey ideas with quick visualisations.

“The Business Drawing 1 training course helps us to develop our own plan. A drawing makes matters and expectations concrete!”

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This training lasts half a day (4 hours) and can be followed both in the morning and in the afternoon. The following topics are covered during the training:

  • Introduction & materials
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Drawing math
  • Emotion & Interaction
  • Basic icons
  • From word to image
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The training is standard given in the inspiring location of Buro BRAND in The Hague, but can also be organized on location (near or in your company).


If the agenda states that the training is virtual, we will host the training via Zoom. We will send the materials so you can follow this training from behind your own screen

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The training takes place from 6 people. The costs are 295 Euro ex VAT per person, including materials.

Follow a training with your team or organization?

Business Drawing ‘The Experience’ (from 30 min.) for large groups, at seminars or conferences?

Call us: +31 (0)70 204 40 49

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Please note! Due to COVID-19, some training sessions are now given virtually

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