With our imagination we help companies, teams and employees that want to change something. For this we make drawings and animations, we facilitate visual sessions or teach people to draw with which they can visualize difficult information or complicated processes. We firmly believe that images are often so much more effective and fun than complicated documents, long meetings and boring PowerPoints!

Our ultimate mission is that visual language becomes as natural as writing and talking, for everyone, at any time of the day. We offer great solutions for this with our visual expressions, training courses, custom programs and books.

Foto van Willemien Brand aan tafel op kantoor.

Origin story

As a student Willemien BRAND was the best of her class, as an industrial designer she won many awards, as a painter she was much in demand and seen, but her real passion was fulfilled by founding her company under her own name: Buro BRAND. Buro BRAND provides communication in all its breadth for all large organizations that need clear, impactful and energy creating communication. Not only does Buro BRAND use her graphic and design skills to create high-impact communication for her clients, Buro BRAND also provides training in business drawing and all advanced training courses to teach clients how to personally develop their communication skills. In addition Buro BRAND provides workshops for strategy development, but also for vision-, mission-, annual plan-, culture-, heidag- and other organizational needs.

Meanwhile, Willemien BRAND works with a large team of talents which you could say complement her, but it would be more honest to say that they surpass her in many areas. And that, in turn, is because Willemien wants to work only with the very best, with the goal of being the very best.

The team

Your name here as well?

Willemien Brand

Willemien is the founder of Buro BRAND and the author of our books. As a child in school she felt desperately lost; how could you possibly learn and remember all that information? By drawing everything, she succeeded; she even became the most popular girl in class. Dachshund Ollie is the most important thing to her. In addition, she is also married and has two children.
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Hugo Seriese


Hugo sees comics as a medium to bring simplicity to complexity. As a social scientist, he knows better than anyone to expose undercurrents, idiosyncrasies and other complex social issues and behaviors in a visual and humorous way. He encourages people to change and take action. Hugo has known Buro BRAND for so long that he feels so at home that you shouldn’t be surprised if he falls asleep on the couch with us.

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Michiel Reijnders


Michiel is our illustration and animation guru and our youngest father. Totally proud of his daughter Lola whom he regularly dresses in Star Wars gear! Born in Brabant but trains every day from Apeldoorn to the Binckhorst. With his illustration talent, he creates talking pictures, animations and other beautiful things for our customers. In his spare time he is a self-proclaimed film nerd. Cheese boards are his favorite food, preferably with a special beer. He also enjoys going into nature with a backpack or a tent.

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Simone Prick


Simone studied Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. She gets great joy from learning new drawing styles and applying them to different forms of communication. Italy is what she is in love with. So her boyfriend is an Italian chef and conquered her with a heart pizza.

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Georgette Pars


Sjors has done several studies, giving him experience in business mathematics, art history and industrial and graphic design. As well as a degree here and there. We try to absorb and apply the drive and logic she exhibits with big gulps so that work can become more fun and meaningful, and we use her knowledge to bring BRAND back to a higher level. She once played in HGC ladies 1, and fanatically laps around on her racing bike, making her the sportiest of Buro BRAND.

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Elpidha Efstratiades


Elpidha is our support and advocate at Buro BRAND. With a background in Dutch & Fine Arts, she possesses the perfect mix to support us as Operational Manager and Trainer. Occasionally she steps into the role of “nagpidha” and makes sure everyone keeps track of their work and tasks in a more structured way, the location and administration are in order and she is a clear sparring partner for clients. In her free time she likes to be at the beach with her 3 kids, train for the marathon and if we are lucky she also bakes some goodies for the office in the free hours in between.

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Laut Rosenbaum


As a former art school teacher, Laut (RosenbaumProductions) is looking for concepts and how to work them out, visually of course. Laut is like no other in search of your learning motives and lets you look at your challenge in all kinds of different ways and so you come home with something completely different than you thought was intended. Laut can also ask you anything about American politics (think carefully before you do that).

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Robert Paulusse


Robert is from Brabant, which is immediately the reason why you think “what is he saying!?”. Robert has gained a lot of experience as a manager in commerce, finance, product and marketing management. He has a distinct idea about what cooperation and purpose can mean within a company. The love of his life are his wife and two children. They also have a dachshund at home.

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Mahana Tuimaka


Mahana is our oprjochte Frisian. In her spare time, she enjoys dragging other women to the ground during a game of Rugby. We explained to her that she could join us if she made IMPACT. Which should work out with her technical background in Industrial Design Engineering and papers on encouraging sustainable behavior. She designs creative sessions and training, and likes to put people to work visually in the process. Together with her boyfriend Sebas (type friendly Viking) she is busy raising her 2 cats, Lomu & Mau ‘Tiki’ Tiki, named after a famous rugby player and a Polynesian god.

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Micky Dirkzwager


Micky is at home in all sorts of markets. Her father is a theater director, her mother an actress and writer, her boyfriend a violin maker, and with this creative environment, Micky has emerged as a violin-playing, children’s book illustrating, wonderful illustration machine. Fortunately, she thinks she can learn a lot with us, and has also stuck with us after her internship. Micky likes to put a cheerful spin on difficult or serious situations with her drawings and is always up for a (drawn) joke.

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Sumaiya Heerikhuisen


Sum is known as a visual monster who devours every corporate identity and sign style available and makes it her own with ease. Sum stuck with us after her internship, before studying Graphic Design. Drawing is her passion and life and her big inspirations include pop culture, mangas and grungy character designs from obscure Japanese animation films. Recognizable by her weekly changed hair color and blind dog Bucky! If you ask her for help you can count on a roaring smile and a sincere answer!

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Ellen de Lange-Ros


Since “climate drammer” has become a sympathetic term, I dare say Ellen is our “organization/marketing drammer. Until recently, the boss could quietly shirk his commercial and managerial responsibilities, but now any illogical approach is noticed, that dramming follows, and the peace is done.
Ellen is a fanatic (for nothing she does a little): cricket watcher, England enthusiast, garden/forest worker and she is always looking for peculiar places to gain experience.

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BRAND international ambassadors

Paddy Dhanda


Partner Buro BRAND UK, USA & Canada

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Grant Wright


Partner Buro BRAND UK, USA & Canada

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The best-selling book in Visual Thinking

In 2017 our naughty dream came true. After training many people to become Visual Thinkers, we decided to let people experience the power of Visual Thinking and create an impact with their own drawings. That year we published the book ‘Visual Thinking, empowering people and organizations through visual collaboration’, which hit like a bomb! After this many translations followed and we brought many other books on visual working on the market.