Visual Thinking is so much more than just Business Drawing!

The power of Business Drawing in organisations is hardly in question these days. Large technology companies, corporate enterprises and governments are embracing the power of business drawing and more and more helpful books have been written on how to use business drawing in an organisation to communicate better, collaborate better and thus achieve better results.

To serve you even better, we modelled the possible uses and needs of business drawing. And so Buro BRAND’s Five Visual Thinking Types were born. Via this link, you can request an explanation of this and also discover which Type you are. Because you are a visual type, but you don’t know what type. Our explanation takes you by the hand and explains who you are! (and that in a fun visual way).

Training path Business Drawing Fundamentals

Lay the foundations of your visual (business) education and learn to communicate effectively with images.

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Training path Visual Analyst

Dissecting, organising and making information understandable with self-visualisation as a tool.

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Training path Visual Designer

Creating sleek and beautiful visual expressions.

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Training path Visual Storyteller

Creating striking metaphors to enlighten and inspire others.

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Training path Visual Reporter

Translating words into images to get to the point.

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Training path Visual Co-Creator

Fuelling creativity and interaction with visual work forms and tools.

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Over the past 20 years, we have found that business drawing inspired many thousands. But we have also found that many who were inspired by our training found it difficult to apply what they learned practically in their business working environment.

Besides developing Buro BRAND’s Five Visual Thinking Types, we have therefore developed training paths on these “Types” – training paths. The training paths consist of multiple training sessions , specials and coaching. A training path leads to you having enough practice, imagination, guts, idea and skill to actually visually empower your type of work.

When booking a training path, you will be assigned a Training Path coach. This coach is a sr. Visual consultant from Buro BRAND and he will guide you through the “Coaching” and the “Assessment” components. The coach will ensure that all your questions are answered and that you are well placed to successfully complete the assignment.

All trainings from the training paths can also be booked separately on our website, except for the “Training Path Specials”, the “Assessment”, and the “Coaching”. These are elements specially offered with the training paths.
With the training paths, we provide the necessary materials, such as markers and notebooks. If you book a training path, you get our bestseller Visual Thinking and our book My Icon Library as additional materials.

So book a training path or consult our explanation, read the description at our training paths, or call us and ask us personally to explain our training paths and become a mature Visual Analyst; Visual Designer; Visual Storyteller. Visual Reporter or Visual Co-Creator!

White paper Five Visual Thinking Types

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