In this training path, you will learn the basics of drawing. After this, visualising will help you communicate and collaborate better, but most of all make your work more meaningful and fun.

In addition, you will get to know the world of Visual Thinking, introducing you to the how, what and why of working visually. This training path will help you express yourself visually in your work. Regardless of your talent, experience or position within your organisation.

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Choose the Business Drawing Fundamentals training path if you:

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Feels that things can and should be done differently and seeks concrete tools to do so.

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Want to express yourself differently and make communication fun and effective again.

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Have guts and want to do something with your creativity (develop it).

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  • Training: Business Drawing 1
  • Training: Business Drawing 2
  • Coaching: Live Q&A
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  • Our training courses last half a day or a full day and take place at the most inspiring workshop – out of the box location in the Netherlands.


  • The cost is 795 euros ex VAT per person. Including materials, including the books Visual Thinking and My Icon Library.
  • Any training already taken will be deducted from the training path fee by mutual agreement.
  • Includes certification “Buro BRAND Business Drawing Fundamentals”.

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Details of the training courses

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