Build your business drawing skills for effective communication at work

This practical workbook guides you step by step in applying business drawing to your daily routine, so you can communicate as easily with images as with words. Increase your productivity and make drawing at work a fun and effective way of co-creation. Discover Buro BRAND’s Five Visual Thinking Types© to communicate your ideas and concepts directly into your work. Use the practical tips and tricks to improve collaboration and communication within your organization.

Do you want more tips and advice besides the book? Then book one of our training courses on Visual Thinking. Or start with our basic training course Business Drawing 1.

Willemien Brand

About the author

Willemien Brand is the founder of Buro BRAND and the main author of our books. During her career as a designer, it became increasingly clear to Willemien that drawing and Visual Thinking are powerful tools for making complex problems simple, engaging people, getting them excited and building bridges between companies and their clients.