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Are you looking for more impact and results during your sessions or brainstorming sessions? Are you looking for new ways to get information or come up with ideas? Or have you heard of Design Thinking, but want to approach it visually? In the Visual (Design) Thinking training you learn creative visual methods that you can use (among other things) in the Design Thinking process. You can use these visual working methods in workshops, meetings, projects and Design Sprints and can inspire you to create your own personalized working methods. In this way you get to know and experience the teaching methods in a playful way on the basis of one (or more) fictitious cases.

This is an in-depth look at the training Business Drawing 1. The basic Business Drawing 1 training is recommended for following the Visual (Design) Thinking training.

What do you develop during this training?

You discover how a design process works and how visual working can contribute to this.

You experience a lot of practical and visual working methods and you know when to use them.

You learn to create your own templates to retrieve or collect information.

The Design Thinking process consists of five distinct phases, namely: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test. During our Visual ( Design) Thinking training we do not go too deeply into the theory of these phases, but we zoom in on various work forms that you can use during different phases. After this you are able to visually fill in workshops or (active) meetings within your team/colleagues. In this way, your colleagues or employees also benefit from your acquired knowledge and you get a number of steps to work together more creatively.

Knowledge of or experience with the Design Thinking methodology is not required. Our Visual (Design) Thinking training is for everyone who works with Design Thinking, but also for anyone who works on a project basis and/or has to collaborate a lot. Think of: managers, salespeople, marketers, trainers, communication specialists and HR employees.

“Tackling a concrete problem with a designer mentality!”

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This training lasts from 9am to 5pm, excluding a homework assignment in the week prior to the training (approx. 30 min). The following topics are covered during the training:

  • Introduction & materials
  • What is Visual Design Thinking?
  • Recap Business Drawing and explanation case of the day.
  • Offer various teaching methods during; Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test phase
  • Presentation of each other’s concepts
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The training is normally given in the inspiring location of Buro BRAND in The Hague, but can also be location (near or in your company).


If the agenda states that the training is virtual, we will host the training via Zoom. We will send the materials so that you can follow this training from behind your own screen

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The training takes place from 4 people. The costs are EUR 795 ex VAT p.p., including materials.

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Business Drawing 'The Experience' (from 30 min.) for large groups, at seminars or conferences?

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