In the middle of The Hague you can meet up in the heart of the new generation of working visually, with everything that you may desire regarding working together in an energetic, effective and pleasant manner.

This is made possible on our own location that we use for group trainings and facilitating creative workshops. And, when we don’t make use of these spaces, we rend them out. We’ve named this creative makerspace: BRAND36, a hint at Bink36, the address that we’re located at.

When you’re looking for a space full of inspiration, you’re at the right adress. Our joyful creative space gives room for thoughts, has the means and tools to work on them and has the best coffee and healthy (and sometimes less healthy) foods.

“The best place to take a nap”
– Willem, NapBV



We believe that a meeting, off-site, brownpaper session or other event is meant to reach eachother, because you want to achieve something and because you want to inspire each other in a fun way. You’ll forget about the time, and at the end of the day you’ll realize that you’ve gone through large amounts of work. The next steps and actions are taken up automatically. But to be able to make people enthusiastic and to make them participate actively, you will need an inspiring location. And our location is exactly that!


BRAND36 is an umbralla name for the different rooms that can be rented, of the visual communication bureau Buro BRAND. These rooms can be rented individually, or as a combination of multiple rooms, by 2 people to a group of a maximum of 30 people. So you if you’re looking for an inspiring meeting location for a small or large group, we have the right meeting location. What about The Kazerne? This large space is ideal for (inter)active session and is fit for a group up to 30 people. Do you need a smaller space with a lot of possibilities for creativity? Rent our Stormbaan. Are you into a bit more of a homey setting? Then the perfect rooms are the Firezone or BRANDpunt.


Brand36 has four different rooms. Each with their own character. Of course, these can also be rented in combination with eachother.


Our second and little bit formal meeting room. This room has a homey kitchentable and tries to gain focus for your purpose. This room can be fully closed off to ensure privacy for your secret meeting. It is also possible to provide you with creative tools in this room. Everything that Buro BRAND regarding ideas, skills and materials, can be offered in our BRANDpunt.

Max 12 people
300/550 euro (half/whole day)

The Kazerne

Large space for (inter)active sessions. This room invites to move around, with a large garage door (which can be opened during the spring/summer) which invites people to move the tables and chairs into the outdoors. With the mobile whiteboardwalls and bulletinboards you can change the space in a flash. This space is fantastic for achieving energy and action in a group.

Max 40 people
500/900 euro (half/whole day)


A room with diverse corners and the space where we douse ourselves in creativity. The standard layout consists of, among others, a classroom, a creative table with supplies many painters/artists will be jealous off, a high meeting table and a mini living room, plus large bookcase.

Max 20 people
400/700 euro (half/whole day)


Our more formal room (by Buro BRAND standards). This room has movable tables, a homey vibe and ensures focus for your goals. It is also possible to provide you with creative tools in this room. Also here, everything that Buro BRAND has regarding ideas, skills and materials, can be offered in our Firezone. There is also a small seating area for break-out sessions. Together with the movable tables this helps with making small areas for groups. This room can be completely closed off, has a glass wall and the layout can be altered just as The Kazerne.

Max 12 people
350/650 euro (half/whole day)

All our inspiring meeting locations, or meeting rooms, in The Hague can easily be booked online. We can provide presentation supplies, creative and other materials, lunch and drinks if desired.


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