During a meeting, event or session you’re looking for an attractive way of presenting what is said and what happens. No one feels like reading a thick report with boring notes. Or a super long mail which you send afterwards. But what if you want to capture all topics that were discussed? Or if you want you participants or guests to look back on the meeting with joy?

How can you do that?

Simple, you let some take Visual notes!

We love to tell you more about the power of Visual Notes and its benefits. Why more and more companies prefer this visual form of capturing an event or meeting. What you can do with it. And why you should also make use of it.

We love to explain it on this page. We’ll tell you what Visual Notes are, what the benefits are and how we do this.

Immerse yourself in the wondrous world of Visual Notetaking.

What are Visual Notes?

During an event there are multiple speaker talking. Perhaps there are smaller break-out rooms where sub-topics are being discussed. There is a plenary wrap-up. A Visual Notetaker is someone who, on the spot, captures what is being discussed and what happens at your event, brainstorm, conference, meeting or workshop.

The benefits of Visual Notes

Buro BRAND has more than ten years of experience with making Visual Notes. Live on location, but also at virtual meetings. You can say that we’re Visual Notetaking experts by now. We love to tell you a little bit more about the benefits of Visual Notes.

1. Visual Notes enhance engagement.

The participants of your event see a drawing come to life, over the course of the whole day. That triggers them to look. To reflect. “Did we really say that? Perhaps we should change our stance on that.” This way, you’re holding up a mirror for people and enhance their engagement during the proces.

2.  Visual Notes make things concrete

People tend to hide behind words. They are safe and can mask things. When something is drawn, that mask crumbles away. Things become concrete. Or perhaps it becomes clear that they were just empty words. That way you can go deeper into the subject.

3.  Visual Notes strenghten the proces

Ask the Visual Notetaker to elaborate on a few of their drawings. That will sharpen the conversation and can fit quite easily in a programme.

4.  Visual Notes give a tangible end result.

When the meeting is finished you have a tangible (or digital) end result in hands. You can immediately share it with the participants or during the closing drinks. This strenghtens the feeling of solidarity and makes it clear what the day has resulted in.

5.  Visual Notes can be reused over and over

The final visual can be shared as a whole or in parts in newsletters, websites or as highlighting elements in a report. This way the valuable and fun information will not be lost after this day.

6. Visual Notes are fun!

People recognize themselves, things they said or a portrait, in the drawing. Photos are made, they share it on social media. A live report is often a fun conversation starter for during the closing drinks!

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    How does it work?

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    The Visual Notetakers of Buro BRAND works in different drawing styles. Depending on the question, the event and the organization we look at whose style fits best. It is always possible for us to work in your corporate style and identity and desired formats. When we draw live digitally, we do this on an iPad Pro, which can be connected to a screen or beamer if you desire so.

    [img live tekenen]

    At the end of the day you receive your visual summary. We can leave a physical drawing with you, but we can also take it with us for further digital processing. If its a digital drawing we mail you the end result directly after the meeting. If desired, we can also cut loose the smaller illustrations and send them separately so you can share these easier within your organisation.

    Due to the large group of senior Visual Notetakers at Buro BRAND we can work quite efficiently and find a quick solution for you on a short term.

    Many organizations have come before

    More and more organization make use of a visual notetaker or a live-artist at their event, brainstormsession or meeting.

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