You’re full of good ideas, but no one understands them. You have a clear idea which direction your organization should be going into, but can’t bring it across to other people. You’re trying to go forward together, but others dig their heels in.

Working (together) isn’t always easy.

Did you know that you can communicate and work better together with the use of Visual Thinking? And that you can make your work more fun and meaningful? In the trainings of Buro BRAND you learn practical tips and tools to apply the power of Visual Thinking.

In our trainings you learn how to draw yourself, so you can strengthen your communication skills and can make teamwork easier. 

What do I learn at a Business Drawing training?

With our (virtual and live) trainings you learn how you can communicate and work together more effectively through the use of handdrawn visuals, and that you can make your work more fun and meaningful!

Due to a training at Buro BRAND I now know how to draw!

After following a training with us:

  • You posses a whole drawing skillset.
  • Your creativity has been (re)activitated.
  • You have tangible tools for Visual Thinking in your work.
  • You know how to set up your work in a more fun way.
  • You can (visually) communicate more effectively.
  • You’re infected with the visual virus for good!

That’s all I need to know, show me the training overview!

Buro BRAND is the founder of Business Drawing and develops trainings and courses since the beginning of this century. Ever since then, our trainings have been perfectioned after experiencing it hundreds of times and we’ve created a training and training course for each client need.

How does a training work?

There are multiple ways to learn about Visual Thinking with us.

Individual training

Pick a training from our catalogue and book it immediately. Most trainings can be followed live and virtually.

InCompany Training

Pick a training with your team or group. And discuss with us what you would like to achieve with this training.

Online Academy

A number of our trainings are also offered as online module. You can follow those in your own tempo in your own time.


When following a training with us, we provide the necessary materials such as markers and paper.*

*Not applicable with the Online Academy

Check the Trainingoverview

Do you want to learn more about Visual Thinking?
Do you want to become more effective at communicating and working together?
Are you looking for more meaning and fun in your work?

Check the trainingsoverview to see which training suits you best: