You have an idea, a text or an article that you would like to draw attention to. Or wants to enthuse and touch people.
You can do that with the help of an illustration!

What is an illustration?

An illustration is a graphical representation of an idea or concept. This makes it a very broad concept. An illustration can stand alone or belong to a text. be small or big. Be used in print, or online. Black and white, or full colour. As long as an image clarifies the message.

“The primary function of illustration is to make a graphic interpretation of an idea.”
– Andrew Loomis

The benefits of an illustration:

Buro BRAND is pre-eminently a drawing agency and has been making illustrations for various organizations, companies and parties for many years. As a result, you can now say that we are illustration experts.

Time and again we see the various advantages of developing and deploying animation as a means of communication with our customers:

1. An illustration makes it clear

A funny cartoon can expose a complicated subject in a light-hearted way. Or a well-thought-out drawing can provide a striking summary of a complicated lecture.

2. An illustration can be spot on

In our graphically oriented society, an image can sometimes communicate complex meanings or ideas better than an extended text. Ideally, text and illustration work together to paint a better overall picture.

3. An illustration gives color

A good drawing gives your text or message a color. Lifts it as it were and presents it to the viewer in a fresh, cheerful way. This will give your idea the attention it deserves.

How we work together: 

You have just been able to read about the advantages of an illustration. Then we think it would be a good idea to tell us something about the way in which it came about.

First, it depends on the size of the drawing. A small cartoon is obviously made faster than forty-five drawings for a book.

We always discuss the wishes and target group in an intake. We prefer to make a sketched first step in this. During the process there is of course room for feedback and adjustments.

Thanks to our experience and streamlined process, we monitor the lead time and agreements.

Can we help you with an illustration?

Do you want to convey your idea more sharply?
Would you like to add a clarifying image to your text?
Do you want to give color to your ideas?
Let us make an illustration for you!

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