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Cardea Jeugdhulp had developed a vision document in which she described its mission, vision and core values. Instead of a bulky document, they wanted a sparkling form of their vision that they could also quickly share with their own employees and their (potential) customers. This is where Buro BRAND  came into the picture, we were brought in to depict their vision document together with them in an inspiring discussion board. Because the situation required that everyone could work on it from home, during the period of COVID-19, the infographic workshop that Bureau BRAND regularly gives has been translated into a virtual workshop. We co-created an infographic with Cardea online.

Buro BRAND developed and facilitated a virtual program spread over 3 afternoons, using smart online tools, such as ZOOM, Miro and Google Jamboard, to create an infographic just like we would do in real life. The employees of Cardea first put on the drawing shoes themselves, and under our guidance they came up with the visual interpretation of their plate. In this way we can guarantee that the content of the plate is as close as possible to the image that the customer has and wants to convey. The graphic designers of the Buro BRAND studio have ensured that Cardea’s ideas and drawings have been digitized.

The resulting plate can be used as a poster, virtual and analog, and has also been transformed into a foldable flyer variant for the employees. In addition, in the future the individual icons that Cardea has devised can be reused in documents, presentations and other media.

The step-by-step plan

  1. The objectives of the workshop were discussed together with the initiator of Cardea. Cardea shared the vision document with Buro BRAND, which resulted in a proposal for a visual program. This was looked at together with Cardea, after which it was decided to divide the program into 3 short sessions, with 2 homework assignments for the participants in between.
  2. During the 1st session, the employees received training in drawing via the Zoom platform. After obtaining this skill, they were given homework to visualize a small part of the vision document in an icon.
  3. During the 2nd session, all icons were shared and fine-tuned, and we started working on an interesting metaphor with the whole group. After this session, the group was given homework to prepare feedback for the final session.
  4. During the 3rd session, the group started working on the layout and layout of the infographic, and the further interpretation of the metaphor. This was done in the online collaboration program Miro, which served as an online whiteboard.
  5. Together with a smaller group of Cardea employees, the results of the 3 sessions were accompanied to the digital version. We have digitally developed the infographic into an inspiring poster, a folding flyer and individual icons that are suitable for versatile use.