Communicate effectively with visuals.

Meetings with your team, partners or customers? Maybe in innovation & problem solving sessions or in an agile environment? Are you learning something or reflecting on your personal priorities? Or do you need to organize and manage business or personal projects and activities? Do it with visuals! Get acquainted with Visual Thinking & Doing and Buro BRAND. People like pictures. This allows them to interpret messages better, process information faster and remember it much better. Shape your ideas by drawing and use your own visuals in your business communication or personal life. You will be amazed at the result; really everyone can draw!

For anyone who is interested in working, learning or getting organized visually.

“You really notice that virtual training is not an obstacle and you get a good impression of the power of drawing!

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This training lasts one hour and a half and can be followed in the morning or in the afternoon. During the training the following topics are covered:

  • Visual check-in
  • Buro BRAND Introduction
  • What is Visual Thinking?
  • Digital vs. analog
  • Preview Visual Thinking Fundamentals certification training
    • Portrait challenge
    • Mini drawing lesson
    • Visual assignment
  • Preview of Visual Doing – some Visual Business & Personal Applications
  • Valuable gifts to all the participants
  • Round-up and questions
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By default, the training is given virtually, via Zoom, from Bucharest location. You will receive the video link the day before and having a webcam, some paper and black marker is required. Some colored markers, highlighters or felt tip pens could be useful too.

The course will be delivered in Romanian or English, depending on the participants. All materials are in English.


If the calendar states that the training is virtual, we will host the training via a video platform.

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The Visual Thinking Fundamentals certification course costs 295,- euro, but this introduction is only 29,- euro (no VAT applied yet for the courses delivered from Eastern European branch). Minimum number of participants is five and it does not include materials.

Visual Thinking Fundamentals “The Experience” (from 30 min.) For large groups, at seminars or congresses? Please contact Andrei.

Course dates Introduction to Visual Thinking

For large groups or customized workshops, please contact Andrei for special arrangements and quotations.

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