In the training course Characters Drawing, you develop your own character, a more distinct variant than the ‘standard puppet’. How do you quickly draw such a character? And what poses and emotions can you practise so that you master them well?

What is a training special?

Training specials are specific modules you follow when you take a training path. Each Five Visual Thinking Type has its own training path. The training paths, whether from the Visual Co-Creator, the Visual Reporter or any other, for example, include a two-hour special focused on a specific topic.

Read below which specials are all there! More information about the training tracks? Then read more about Buro BRAND’s Five Visual Thinking Types in our whitepaper.

What is Drawing Characters?

In the training special Drawing Characters – included in both the Visual Reporter and Visual Designer training paths – we discover your own character together; a more distinct variant than the ‘standard puppet’. If you want to draw a character (quickly) what does it look like? And what poses and variations are good to practise (in short, what are the most common poses and variations)? By sharing a lot of inspiration, a number of targeted assignments and personal guidance, we will provide guidance for further developing your own character.

What will you learn during the training?

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You will be introduced to some of the techniques involved in drawing figures;

Een getekend gloeilampje, zwart-wit.

You will learn the do’s and don’ts of ‘characters’/puppets/cartoon figures;

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You experience what suits you and how you can develop this further.

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This training lasts 2 hours and can be taken either in the morning or in the afternoon.

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The training is given online as standard. Sometimes they also take place at our premises and in-house is of course also possible!

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The training takes place from 6 people onwards. The cost is 195,- Euro ex VAT p.p., no special materials are required for this training.

Course dates

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