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After the GGD (the Regional Public Health Services) had implemented a number of changes in its organisation, they wanted to get to work on filling their new positions. The desired behavior of the employees when performing their job was of great importance.
The management felt that it had not made it sufficiently clear what the content and description of these positions were. In order to communicate this clearly to the employees, Buro BRAND developed a tailor-made program together with the board and management.
The program contained visual methods and exercises in which the employees drew what makes them proud and happy at work. The assignment ended with an imagined persona with desirable future traits. Buro BRAND worked out the outcome graphically, and this large workboard was used by the GGD Management to take staff along with the changes.

The step-by-step plan

  1. Co-creation GGD directorate and Buro BRAND. We made a visual program in visual co-creation with the management. As a result, they experience our power of visually creating together and we were able to draw up the program together in a very fun way.
  2. Create GGD persona. Together with management and board a two-day workshop in which we start with very simple visual exercises followed by short visual assignments. These are discussed where everyone has room to provide input. Everything with the visual skills acquired on the spot. With these kinds of fun assignments we create a good atmosphere, you experience simplicity and in this way we arrive at a final result in a cheerful and playful way. The GGD persona!
  3. From sketch to work board. We have developed the sketches made into well-functioning, man-sized work boards. On the front a presentation plate, in which the GGD persona explains what the goal is and what the step-by-step plan is for this. The back has a “stop, start, continue” sign, to discuss actions with the employees and to record actions.
  4. Employee commitment. The management was co-determiner during the two-day workshop and can now discuss wishes with their employees with the help of a visual. Because a visual is leading instead of, for example, a memo, the atmosphere at these meetings is good and nobody falls over a period or a comma.