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The Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations (‘BZK’) organizes many activities to involve citizens in social topics and tasks. One of these initiatives is called “testing grounds” in which neighborhood residents are involved in small-scale tasks in the neighbourhood. In order to exchange ideas and exchange experiences, BZK organized a major event with mayors in The Hague.

Speakers explained their living lab initiatives and we visually recorded the main points and main characters. Almost everyone (especially the visually portrayed) took selfies with our visual minutes in the background and posted them on twitter. The topic quickly became a trending topic. The visual minutes are still used to generate the living labs initiative. The images are leading in the digital magazine and the website we have made.

The steps

  1. The BZK communication department involved us in organizing the event at the very earliest stage of the project. This allowed us to think along about strengthening communication and the experience during all moments.
  2. Together we made a plan for the invitation, the program booklet and how to use visual recording during the day itself. For example, voting forms were used on site and the outcome was processed in the magazine afterwards. The style chosen in consultation is recognizable in all communications.