Visual Thinking Fundamentals, Level 1

Communicate effectively with drawings.


You develop the necessary courage to transfer ideas with visualisations. With simple tips and examples you will learn how to shape everyday matters. People like pictures. This allows them to interpret messages better, process information faster and remember it even better. Shape your ideas by drawing and using your own visuals in your business communication or personal life.


Do you have meetings with your team, partners or customers? Maybe in innovation & problem solving sessions or in an agile environment? Are you learning something or reflecting on your personal priorities? Or do you need to organize and manage business or personal projects and activities? Do it from now on with visuals! We teach you how to do this in the Visual Thinking Fundamentals Level 1 course.



Follow the Visual Thinking Fundamentals training and learn in no time:

  • Shaping everyday matters thanks to simple tips and examples;
  • Shaping ideas, concepts and processes by drawing;
  • How to use your own visuals in your business or personal communication;
  • Develop the skills and the necessary creative courage to transfer ideas with fast visualisations.

With the visuel exercises, applications and examples, you will taste the Visual Doing as well.

You will be amazed at the result. Really, everyone can draw!

This training (together with Level 2) forms the basis of your visual training. Regardless of your talent, experience or position within your organization. After the successful completion of the course, you become a Visual Thinker! And you will be awarded a Visual Thinking certificate issued by Buro BRAND.


If the calendar states that the training is virtual, we host the training via a video platform. We will send the Visual Starter Kit by mail so that you can follow this training from behind your own screen, depending on the country and time of registration. Please contact us to arrange the best solution for you.


This training session is from 10:00 to 16:00 EET, with a one hour lunch break in between. We connect 15 minutes before the course for the technical setup, chit-chat and virtual coffee or tea. Another (up to) half an hour can be added at the end of the session for more Q&A and more tips & tricks, depending on the session and participants. During the training the following topics are covered:

  • Introduction & materials
  • Emotion & Interaction
  • Connect & divide
  • Icons, Speech bubbles and Arrows
  • Headers, Frames & Typography
  • From words to images
  • Visual exercises
  • Visual Business & Personal Applications
  • Q&A + more tips & tricks


The training is delivered from Bucharest or in Eastern European locations, but can also be organized in or near your company.

The course will be delivered in Romanian or English, depending on the participants. All materials are in English.

Group and costs

The training takes place from 5 people. The cost is 295, – euro, including the materials, for Eastern Europe region. For participants from other regions, the international price will be applicable – 369,- euro. VAT is not applied yet for courses delivered from Eastern European branch.

Early bird prices for online sessions or special offers might be available; contact us for details.

Visual Thinking Fundamentals “The Experience” (from 30 min.) for large groups, at seminars or congresses? Please contact Andrei.

Tailor-made training or do something dífferent with your team?

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