Trainingpath Visual Storyteller

Creating striking metaphors to clarify and inspire others.

The Visual Storyteller uses Visual Thinking to quickly convey ideas, inspire people and talk visually. His focus is on using metaphors and using visualizations to take people along in a story and to make ideas stick. 


This trainingpath forms the base for your journey as a Visual Storyteller. Regardless of your talent, experience or function inside of your organisation. Dit trainingspad vormt de basis van jouw reis als Visual Reporter. Ongeacht je talent, ervaring of functie binnen jouw organisatie.  


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  • You feel things can and should be done differently and you’re looking for practical advice.
  • You want to inspire other by communicating visually and with metaphors.
  • You think in pictures, and want to enhance your storytelling skills
  • You want to use Visual Thinking during presentations or conversations with others.
  • You see that complex information becomes comprehensible when using a familiar and fitting metaphor.
  • You recognize yourself in this blog.
  • You will master the fundamentals skills of Business Drawing.
  • You have the skills to make a visual poster.
  • You have gotten acquainted with storytelling and received tools to present in a convincing and inspiring way.
  • You have learned to give a suprising, analog, dynamic and visual presentation; different than usual.
  • You have learned how to create (moving) visuals with a drawing tablet.
  • You are comfortable with using figures of speech and know techniques for finding a fitting metaphor.

Many employers compensate our courses! Talk to your employer to see if you can follow our courses through your training budget.


  • Business Drawing training 1 en 2
  • Live Q&A
  • Visual Storytelling training
  • (External) Storytelling training
  • Poster design special
  • Drawing Discussion
  • Business Drawing on your Tablet training

Tijd en locatie 

  • The courses are half a day or a day and take place at the inspiring location of Buro BRAND. At the moment we also host a lot of virtual courses, check the agenda for the indication ‘virtual’ behind course names.
  • The live Q&A is a max of one hour and takes place online (individual or in a small group).
  • The drawing discussion is two hours (online), exluding a few hours of preparation and completing an assignment.

Group and costs

  • Costs are 1950,- euro ex VAT p.p., including materials and including our Visual Thinking book and (new) My Icon Library book.
  • In case you have already followed Business Drawing (1 and 2) , those costs can be deducted from the original cost.
  • The courses take place starting with 4 people.
  • Including certification within ‘Buro BRAND’s Five Visual Thinking Types’.


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Business Drawing 1

Business Drawing 1 is the fundamental training which provides participants with the basic knowledge, understanding and skills of Visual Thinking, to be able to draw on a small scal and apply Visual Thinking. These are mastering (basic) drawing skills, the courage to draw, creativity and understanding the usefulness/impact/application of Visual Thinking. You will know basic icons, can draw people and design your own icons.

For data check our calendar.

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Business Drawing 2

Business Drawing 2 is the follow-up course of Business Drawing 1 and together they form the fundamentals for each form of visual education and visual thinking and doing. At Business Drawing 2 we look a little further, past drawing an ‘icon’, or a ‘drawing’, and look at how Visual Thinking can be applied in practice. During this training you will receive a little taste of different ways of application, which belong to the Buro BRAND Five Visual Thinking Types‘ (including the Visual Storyteller Type).

For data check our calendar.

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During this live and online Q&A of an hour we will discuss the trainings Business Drawing 1 and 2 and the link to practice. We might also discuss follow-up trainings. Beforehand we will ask you to send us your questions, as to help you the best we can with tips, tools and guidance.

Visual Storytelling

After the Business Drawing trainings we have Visual Storytelling as a follow-up training, here you will learn to tell a story in small teams. We will work on an own case which we will result in a striking metaphor and a final poster. You will learn to come up with and pick metaphors to make your story appealing and clear.

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During this external training you will get acquainted with storytelling. Feel the power of telling stories and see that with a strong story, you can pursuade, inspire and connect people. During this training you will learn storytelling techniques and presentation skills to build and tell a powerful story.

NOTE. This training will be held by and external partner and will not take place at  Buro BRAND.

Poster design

During Business Drawing we focus on drawing icons and translating a word into a visual. But what happens if you want to make a large poster visualisation? During this short (online) training of two hours we will look at the do’s and don’ts when drawing a poster: how to create a good composition, how to create balance in your drawing and why is it important to have a clear focuspoint? 

Drawing discussion

After following the training Visual Facilitation for Groups you will receive an assignment. You’ll have time to finish it, and after you’ll discuss the results with one of our trainers in an online meeting. This assignment is in the context of ‘applying what you’ve learned in a business context’ and seeing the response of others in your environment.

Date is chosen in agreement.

Business Drawing on your Tablet

Drawing digitally has a lot of advantages for a Visual Reporter. You are quicker to set up and share your visual notes and ‘praatplaten’ with others, you can become more effective at visual notetaking with the help of tools in drawing apps, and you can make visuals and icons more slick and therefor more appropriate for sharing in reports, notes and digital media. During this training you will learn how to digitally make your visual. We will guide you with drawing on your own tablet (with pencil) and will introduce a couple of nifty drawing apps. We will give some handy tips regarding working in layers, exporting and making a gif/animation.

For dates, check our calendar.

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