Training path Visual Co-Creator

Activating people and inspiring at the workplace with visual tools and templates.

The Visual Co-creator uses Visual Thinking to take steps in a process together with others and to give everyone’s voice a stage. Their focus is on working in group contexts and on applying visual methods together. For example setting up creative sessions and applying visual working methods with others.

This trainingpath will help you to function as an independent Visual Co-creator. Regardless of your talent, experience or positions within your organisation. 


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  • You feel things can and should be done differently and you’re looking for practical advice.
  • You want to make long stuffy meetings fun and effective again.
  • You experienced working together visually can be stimulating for a business context.
  • You have the ambition to facilitate visually for and with groups.
  • You want to learn and apply creative work methods/exercises in your work.
  • You recognize your own situation in this blog.
  • You will master the fundamentals skills of Business Drawing.
  • You have learned to work together visually with creative and visual work methods/exercises.
  • You have got acquainted with work methods from Design Thinking, which you can use in your daily work.
  • You have gained confidence in your own making-skills and are not afraid to put people to (visual!) work.

Many employers compensate our courses! Talk to your employer to see if you can follow our courses through your training budget.


  • Business Drawing training 1 and 2
  • Live Q&A
  • Visual (Design) Thinking training
  • Visual Facilitation for Groups training
  • Drawing discussion
  • Virtual Co-Creation training special
  • Analog Prototyping training

Time and location

  • In the week of Monday 8 november 2021 we have a Visual Co-creator Trainingpath sprint week.
  • Contact us when one or more dates are inconvenient for you.
  • The courses are half a day or a day and take place at the inspiring location of Buro BRAND. At the moment we also host a lot of virtual courses, check the agenda for the indication ‘virtual’ behind course names.
  • The live Q&A is a max of one hour and takes place online (individual or in a small group).
  • The drawing discussion is two hours (online), exluding a few hours of preparation and completing an assignment.

Groups and costs

  • Costs are 1950,- euro ex VAT p.p., including materials and including our Visual Thinking book and (new) My Icon Library book.
  • In case you have already followed Business Drawing (1 and 2) , those costs can be deducted from the original cost.
  • The courses take place starting with 4 people.
  • Including certification within ‘Buro BRAND’s Five Visual Thinking Types’.


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Business Drawing 1

Business Drawing 1 is the fundamental training which provides participants with the basic knowledge, understanding and skills of Visual Thinking, to be able to draw on a small scal and apply Visual Thinking. These are mastering (basic) drawing skills, the courage to draw, creativity and understanding the usefulness/impact/application of Visual Thinking. You will know basic icons, can draw people and design your own icons.

Monday November 8th, from 9.00 till 13.00. For other data check our calendar.

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Business Drawing 2

Business Drawing 2 is the follow-up course of Business Drawing 1 and together they form the fundamentals for each form of visual education and Visual Thinking and Doing. At Business Drawing 2 we look a little further compared to the first training, past an ‘icon’ or a ‘drawing’, and look at how Visual Thinking can be applied in practice. During this training you will receive a little taste of different ways of application, which belong to the Buro BRAND Five Visual Thinking Types‘ (including the Visual Co-Creator Type).

Monday November 8th, from 13.30 till 17.30. For other data check our calendar.

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During this live and online Q&A of an hour we will discuss the trainings Business Drawing 1 and 2 and the link to practice. We might also discuss follow-up trainings. Beforehand we will ask you to send us your questions, as to help you the best we can with tips, tools and guidance.

Wednesday November 10th from 9.30 – 10.30 (virtual!).

Visual (Design) Thinking

What is a design process without visual work? Have you ever followed a Design Thinking training and / or was it visual enough? Do you want to get started drawing during your Design Sprint or (inter) active workshop? That is possible after this training. During this training you’ll get to know visual work methods fitting the Design Thinking method. We’ll fill your toolbox with many different visual methods and exercises, so you can use and adapt these depending on your situation and needs.

Tuesday November 9th, from 9.00 till 17.00. For other dates, check our calendar.

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Visual Facilitation for Groups

Knowing visual (work) methods is not just what you need to be a good Visual Co-creator. When do you use it? How do you tackle it with a group? How do you ensure people are ‘in the right mindset’? This training focuses on facilitating visual co-creation and teamwork. In half a day we will take you along in the world of Visual Facilitation.

Thursday November 11, from 9.00 till 13.00. For other dates, check our calendar.

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Drawing discussion

After following the training Visual Facilitation for Groups you will receive an assignment. You’ll have time to finish it, and after you’ll discuss the results with one of our trainers in an online meeting. This assignment is in the context of ‘applying what you’ve learned in a business context’ and seeing the response of others in your environment.

Date is chosen in agreement.

Special: Virtual Co-Creation

In this short online training we briefly go through some theory and examples surrounding virtual visual or creative workshops. How can I keep everyone engaged? What tools are there to use with virtual collaboration? You’ll receive answers and tips in this training which is exclusively given in this trainingpath.

Wednesday November 10, from 11.00 till 13.00  (virtual).

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Analoog Prototyping

In this last training (of half a day) of this trainingpath you will work on making analog prototypes. Analog Prototyping is a training in which we introduce participants to different (low-fidelity) prototyping forms and the power of iterative work; to deploy prototypes faster and more often, to convey ideas and concepts faster, to keep your team and other parties involved and inspired, and to receive feedback faster. Get to work!

Friday November 12, from 9.00 till 13.00. For other dates, check our calendar.

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