Analog Prototyping

Use analog prototypes to get feedback and take steps faster.

Analog Prototyping

How can you best convey your idea on stage? And how do you actually test whether your idea achieves the right effect? We believe that prototyping (from the Design Thinking process) can help with this. Analog Prototyping is a training in which we introduce participants to different (low-fidelity) prototyping forms and the power of iterative work; to deploy prototypes faster and more often, to convey ideas and concepts faster, to keep your team and other parties involved and inspired, and to receive feedback faster. Get to work! This training is all about CREATING and EXPERIENCING many different prototypes.

For anyone who wants to learn in a creative and inspiring way to use his or her imagination to prototype a story / idea / project. The Business Drawing 1 training as a basic course is desirable but not mandatory.



This training takes half a day. The following topics are covered during the training:

  • Introduction
  • What is a prototype and when do you use it?
  • Discover your power of CREATING with various prototyping forms (paper prototype, 3D prototype, quick & dirty videos …)
  • Apply what you have learned to a quick case
  • Tips for further application possibilities
  • Evaluation and closure


The training is given as standard in the inspiring location of Buro BRAND in The Hague, but can also be organized on location (near or in your company).

Group en costs

The training takes place from 4 people. The costs are 295, – Euro ex VAT p.p., including materials.

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