With our imagination we help companies, teams and employees who want to change something. Our tool is making drawings or teach people how to draw themselves with which they can visualize difficult information or complex processes. We firmly believe that images often work so much more effectively and better than complicated documents, long meetings and boring PowerPoints!

Our ultimate mission is that visual language becomes as self-evident as writing and talking, for everyone, at every moment of the day. With our visual expressions, training courses, tailor-made programs and books, we offer great solutions for this.

Training courses


Introduction to Visual Thinking

Communicate effectively with visuals. Meetings with your team, partners or customers? Maybe in innovation & problem solving sessions or in […]


Visual Thinking Fundamentals, Level 1

Develop your visual skills You develop the necessary courage to transfer ideas with visualisations. With simple tips and examples you […]


Visual Thinking Fundamentals, Level 2

Expanding and applying visuals in your own context. During Visual Thinking Fundamentals Level 1 you discovered the power of Visual […]


Design Thinking with Visual Doing

Creative problem-solving, interactive and visual. Design Thinking with Visual Doing certification training is a hands-on & interactive workshop that combines […]

Meet the team

Andrei Dinulescu

Founder & Visual Ambassador, Buro BRAND Eastern Europe

Profile picture of Romana
Romana Salajan

Enthusiastic about the UX Design world with a passion for Visual Thinking!

Profile picture of Loredana
Loredana Iacob

Design Thinking Facilitator and Research Doer, always with a visual twist.

About Andrei Dinulescu

During his 15+ years of experience in Marketing, Business, Sales & Customer Service in different roles, industries and parts of the world, he developed a passion for people activation, disruptive thinking, status quo challenging and continuous improvement. ?⚙️

Now he helps companies to become more innovative and efficient by consulting, facilitating or training through a mix of Visual Collaboration ?, Design Thinking, Lean & Agile frameworks & principles.

Do you want to know more about the training courses we offer? Or, would you like to drink a (virtual) cup of coffee with Andrei about the possibility of working together, reach out via andrei@burobrand.nl.