“We help you and your organization change with the help of visual working methods.”

BRAND Business?

The world in which organizations operate is changing rapidly. To keep up, companies, organizations and teams must move and adapt quickly. This requires new methods and skills. BRAND Business helps you do this by learning and applying visual methods. We help create lasting impact.

What do we do?

BRAND Business helps with strategic, cultural and other organizational issues. We ensure that the chosen solution has sufficient action and initiative, so that proper implementation throughout the organization is a matter of course.

By working visually, we ensure that the entire organization feels involved, and therefore takes action and initiative. Employees often have a wealth of knowledge and expertise within their own organization. By using these, they can come to solutions and implementation themselves. At BRAND Business we call this working “inside out”.

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Creative off-site meetings? Our BRAND36 spaces can be rented.

Custom programs

Do you want to set down or recalibrate your strategy? Address cultural challenges or develop innovative projects and issues? Every change request is unique. That is why we create and facilitate tailor-made programs that encourage action.

Graphic Recording

Graphic recording – also known as visual recording – is the live recording of what is discussed during an event, brainstorm, conference, meeting or workshop.

Written minutes are often long, boring and not attractive to read again. Getting a quick insight into what has been discussed is almost inevitable. Visual minutes make the meeting more enjoyable, provide insight and ensure that what is discussed is better retained.

During a session, a BRAND visualizer supports, guides and inspires by outlining what is discussed. This is possible both analogue and digital.

Visual Sessions

A visual workshop is a meeting with a (customized) program prepared by us and discussed with you. We use short assignments and visual work forms in which everyone has the space to input his or her input.

These creative sessions can be held to set or re-evaluate your strategy, to tackle cultural challenges, innovative projects, purpose finding or other complex organizational issues.

Inside out or top down

It seems very tempting to bring in strategic knowledge and help from outside. And often proves to be very effective and useful. But what if you can get the solution from your own people?

With the help of the BRAND Business programs and sessions we get ideas, knowledge and solutions from the people. This makes the result the result of your organization itself. Employees are full of valuable knowledge and innovative ideas. Because people themselves own an idea, they feel involved and responsible, making the implementation a lot easier, more fun and more promising.

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