Business Drawing

*This training is also available virtually.

This training is the fundament of your visual education. Regardless of your talent, experience or position within your organization. People like pictures. This allows them to interpret messages better, process information faster and this information remains even better. Shape your ideas by drawing and use your own visuals in your business communication.

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Visual Storytelling

*This training is also available virtually.

This is a follow-up training for Business Drawing. Do you want to experience the power of co-creation? Do you want to learn to use metaphors to make your story accessible and understandable? Do you want to take the next steps in working with drawings? Do you want to inspire others through visual thinking? Then this training is for you!

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Visual Communication Training

* This training is also given virtually.

This is a deepening of the Business Drawing training. Do you sometimes wonder how often (your) memos, documentation and PowerPoints are read? Do you want to develop more creative courage to convert spoken and written language into ‘visual minutes’ or ‘infographics’. Do you want to visualize the essence of the message quickly and effectively? Then learn how to do that from a senior designer now.

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Tailor-made training

Would you like to work visually but your question deviates from our standard offer?

Challenge us! What do you want to achieve and for whom? We are happy to think along with you to come up with a fun and interactive program.

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Tailor-made training or do something dïfferent with your team?

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