With our imagination we help companies, teams and employees who want to change something. Our tool is making drawings or teach people how to draw themselves with which they can visualize difficult information or complex processes. We firmly believe that images often work so much more effectively and better than complicated documents, long meetings and boring PowerPoints!

Our ultimate mission is that visual language becomes as self-evident as writing and talking, for everyone, at every moment of the day. With our visual expressions, training courses, tailor-made programs and books, we offer great solutions for this.


After a successful career as an industrial designer at ATAG, Willemien decided to start her own company; Buro BRAND (literally: Studio FIRE). What started as a graphic design studio turned into an Academy when a cardboard manufacturer asked to develop a drawing course for business. Business Drawing was born and slowly BRAND evolved into an international company with 3 sub-labels where we, with a team of specialists, now train and guide people in the field of visual thinking and working.

Our story